Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seat boxes installed and paint

Long time since I updated the blog, we have installed the seat boxes and started painting.  Going back with Brightsides, blu glo white for the top coat...and we noticed/thought that the white would be too bright in the interior..specifically for the floor and we mixed some Ocean blue at a 5-1 ratio to lighten the blue.  Before any of the top got applied we did a no sand wash and then applied the epoxy coat 2part epoxy primer.  The first two pics are of the primer coat, and the next two are the first coat of topside.


Last trip of 2009 we ran through a school of dolphin while moving to a new spot, unfortunately, they did not stop for my picture opportunity...but the fishing picked up immediately.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Seats and Floor

Seat Boxes:
The seat boxes have been wrapped in 6oz cloth, the seams were all wrapped in 8oz tape and we also applied a thin layer of epoxy+cabosil to make the fairing a little easier. I highly recommend that edges be routed if you plan on turning the corner with fiberglass, it made a huge difference between getting a great wet-out and having air pockets and bad adhesion. The next step on these is to sand them and them secure them to the floor.
We added the 1/2" pieces of plywood to the back section of the deck, screwed and glued (epoxy+cabosil) them to the first floor section and then filled in the edges with a cabosil fillet. The aftmost section is t-shaped which provides for a channel on both the port and starboard sides, as well as a nice channel in the very back for the water to break to the scuppers. We also added some pyramid shaped blocks to the corners to help direct the water from the corners, a problem that was annoying especially when dirt settled in those areas. The flooring was then taped down with the 8oz tape and the blocks were also glassed. This section will next receive the same 24oz woven that the previous section got and we should have a nice, sealed, non-slippery deck. We have already removed all of the spongy spots, but the extra glass will seal and strengthen it.

Due to the constant hatch failures we have opted to make the bilge access hatch out of the same deck material. The cutout will get wrapped in 6oz to seal it and then sandwiched with 24oz to stiffen it.